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    Current Issues list

    Download a printable PDF of the 2019 Current Issues list here.

    Agriculture & Environment

    • Seek position statements and/or commitments from the major political parties in relation to the following initiatives:
      • Concessional loans and/or grants for replanting and restocking
      • Ongoing commitment to budgeted and announced funding for the CWA of Australia $5 million to continue with drought aid grants for households support
      • The simplification, streamlining and reduction of red-tape for those accessing Farm Household Allowance.
    • Work to increase the awareness of smallholders, urban and peri-urban farmers, city residents and tourists of their obligations under the Biosecurity Act 2015 (NSW).
    • Draw attention to the current completely inadequate quality of town water including drinking water in many regional areas, and call for a prioritisation of water for critical human needs, and a minimum service guarantee for regional NSW. Regional water users in terms of both water supply and water quality should be afforded the same standards as metropolitan residents.
    • Lobby the Federal, State and Local Governments, and relevant water management agencies, to increase transparency on decision making under the Murray Darling Basin Plan, including the allocation of water and the balance between social, economic and environmental factors in water management.
    • Urge Magistrates to impose maximum penalties when sentencing Rural Crime offenders. Further investigations into proceeds of criminal offenders also be taken into account.
    • Advocate that legislation be introduced to improve the protection of the privacy and property of individuals against remotely piloted aircraft (drones) and to define the term improper use.
    • Advocate the Federal Government to set up permanent assistance for the agricultural industry in the form of incentive packages to encourage viable agriculture in Australia.
    • Advocate for travelling stock routes and crown lands to remain in public ownership and be managed to ensure the ongoing valuable ecological and life-fulfilling roles they play for city and country people now and in the future.
    • Advocate for the enforcement of the Food Safety Standards of Australia and New Zealand for the use of the terms covered by the definitions of ‘meat’ and ‘meat products’ as outlined in Standard 2.2.1.
    • Advocate for the enforcement of the Food Safety Standards of Australia and New Zealand for the use of the term ‘milk’, being the mammary secretion of milking animals as defined in Standard 2.5.1.
    • Advocate
      • All levels of government to review the current classification of the African Olive (Olea Europaea, subspecies Cuspidata) and the implementation of control and eradication plans by all relevant land managers,
      • The allocation of funds to ensure the effective implementation of control and eradication plans and,
      • Funding research into more effective control methods for infestations, particularly of large areas of African Olive infestation.

    • Request the NSW Government to erect a wildlife overpass on the Appin Road.
    • Lobby for the urgent implementation of the recommendations of the three most recent dairy industry inquiries to address structural industry issues.
    • Request the relevant impounding authority to expedite the removal of all abandoned vehicles from roadsides in accordance with the Impounding Act 1993 No. 31 Section 16 Subsection 5 as they constitute a serious environmental hazard.

    Health/Social Security

    • Advocate for public cancer clinics in regional, rural and remote areas to ensure public patients have affordable, accessible on-going treatment for all cancer related illnesses within an easily accessible area.
    • Encourage NSW Health Department to promote the dangers of Naegleria Fowleri (a microorganism typically found in warm freshwater and soil which can cause a lethal infection of the brain if inhaled up the nose) in the media and especially covering rural and remote areas of NSW.
    • Lobby the NSW Government to change the unreasonable monopoly of post mortems undertaken in metropolitan areas to regional and rural centres where there are PET and CT scanners available for such procedures.
    • Urge the NSW Government to employ more and work to retain registered nurses and enrolled nurses in rural and remote areas of NSW as current levels are deemed by the community to be inadequate for the operation of safe nursing care.
    • Request the Government to pay the trainee nursing staff in aged care services, a wage to allow them to cover expenses whilst in training.
    • Call for an inquiry into the disparity of prices charged by health professionals.
    • Advocate for all rural businesses who are not primary producers to be eligible for drought relief funding.
    • Advocate for awareness of and screening for scoliosis at an appropriate age and the inclusion of bracing on Medicare as a non-invasive treatment option.
    • Lobby Government for the promotion of the registered symbol indicating the presence of an AED (Automated External Defibrilator), and to ask Government to hold a campaign to make that symbol instantly recognisable.

    Health/Social Security

    • Advocate for the NSW Government to:
      • amend the NSW Road Rules 2014 to reflect the NSW Road Users Handbook with respect to safety around horse traffic, and
      • fund and run a TV/media campaign (similar to that run for cyclists and motorbikes) to increase driver awareness of horse riders. The campaign should run in metropolitan areas as well as regional areas to increase awareness of city drivers on country roads.
    • Request the RMS to identify a greater number of truck specific rest areas on all major transport routes in NSW. Fines should be applicable to other vehicles which use these areas.
    • Request the Federal Government hold an independent enquiry into the "Green Field" routes of the Inland Rail and into the funding of the whole project.


    • Advocate appropriate State and Federal Governments, to ban all fast/instant cash loan machines.
    • Lobby to have vehicles bearing slogans promoting sexism, racism and violence banned from Australian roads.

    Download a printable PDF of the 2018 Current Issues list here.

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