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    Agriculture & Environment

    • Advocate for, as a matter of urgency, the creation and implementation of a strategic management plan to protect the health and sustainability of communities and environments affected by the feeding and roosting of the Grey Headed Flying Fox.
    • Advocate for and support efforts to control, by culling, the feral cat population of Australia.
    • Lobby governments to implement compulsory water metering of all water users within the Murray-Darling Basin and that the Association closely monitors the current audit and assessment process.
    • Encourage the use of containers and bags made from environmentally sound alternatives to plastic.
    • All rams sold through sale yards be ‘for slaughter only’ unless accompanied by veterinary certification that they are brucellosis free.
    • Feral deer to be classified as a pest species to allow the legal culling of these animals.
    • Advocate for the NSW government to:
      • improve the process for identifying and classifying drought areas as with other natural disasters
      • introduce a broader set of drought support measures and review current application requirements
      • restructure and significantly increase drought funding to reflect and provision the above.

    Health/Social Security

    • Urge the Federal Government to ensure equity in the distribution of My Aged Care packages.
    • Advocate for all medical practitioners to use electronic or digital claiming to allow their patients to receive refunds promptly.
    • Advocate for the promotion of awareness of elder abuse.
    • Advocate for the inclusion of psychological distress in mental health criteria, under the current Medicare initiatives, for both people living with advanced chronic and terminal illnesses and their families and caregivers.
    • Advocate for accredited Mental Health clinicians to be able to provide psychological services in rural communities for people living with advanced chronic and terminal illnesses, their families and caregivers, through Medicare, without a GP referral.
    • Advocate for a review of the Medicare benefits payment schedule to include an appropriate and commensurate rural loading or incentive payment for Medicare accredited allied health care professionals working in regional, rural and remote communities.
    • Promote the enforcement of the law with regard to female genital mutilation/cutting.
    • Advocate for protection against violence and assaults for all health employees.
    • Campaign for specific housing options for older women faced with homelessness or a housing crisis.
    • Advocate for stronger and more varied processes for the incomes of separated parents to be independently and regularly checked


    • Advocate for the full funding of Community Legal Centres in line with the recommendations of the 2014 Inquiry Report of the Productivity Commission titled “Access to Justice Arrangements. 
    • Advocate for rural, regional and remote electricity consumers and communities in NSW, regarding the current and potential negative effects of the reforms occurring within the NSW electricity supply and distribution network.

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