Hospital Support

Susan Hutchison
Ph: 02 6554 2185

What we do

Our visits to hospital and nursing home patients have been scaled down due to Work Health and Safety requirements so delivering has become more of a priority.

We need supplies of knitted teddies, knitted and crocheted rugs (usually "knee rug" size - 1m x 1m or can be up to single bed size), breast cushions, calico dolls, face washers with crocheted edges, bed socks, premie baby hats and bootees, knitted clothes for new born babies and children 3-6 months and 6-12 months. As well as items for Emergency Packs.

Where do they go?

Emergency Packs - Hospitals, Rural Fire Service, S.E.S, Vinnies van
Breast Cushions - Cancer Council, Hospitals
Premmie and baby items - Hospitals as requested
White Lady Funerals - premmie and still born dresses
Crocheted Rugs - wherever they are needed including Renal Units, Nursing Homes, Ronald McDonald House Westmead and hospitals.
Knitted Teddies - Hospitals, Ronald McDonald House, Ambulance Service, Rural Bushfire Brigades, Doctors Surgeries
Knitted Baby clothes - Hospitals, Ronald McDonald House, Mother & Baby packs,
Women’s Refuges.
Calico Dolls - Various hospitals as required
Socks, scarves - Women’s Refuges
New items for children - Ronald McDonald House

Some branches are most generous in supplying a lot of the above items to Head Office and we try to send as many thank you notes as possible. Please be assured that whatever appears on our shelves is carefully thought about and distributed to as many places as possible and appropriate.
Please support your local hospital, nursing home or women’s refuge where possible and continue to knit, crochet or sew and donate to Sydney when you can.

We would love to hear what your Group or Branch does for Hospital Support.
Please send a report to the Committee.

Donations (clearly marked "Hospital Support") can be forwarded to:
CWA State Office
PO Box 222

Knitted Ball

This can be used in special care nurseries. The size is not critical so knitters; just use soft and colourful wool. The pattern can be downloaded here

Teddy pattern

The pattern for the teddies can be downloaded here.

A small teddy pattern can be downloaded from the Miracle Babies website here.

Breast cushion pattern

The pattern for the breast cushion can be downloaded here. Instructions can be downloaded here.

Calico Doll pattern

The pattern for the calico doll can be downloaded here. Instructions can be downloaded here.

"Twiddle Muff" pattern

The pattern for the Twiddle Muff (to provide a stimulation activity for people with dementia) can be downloaded from the Knit for Peace website here.

Angel Blankets and Twin Teddies

CWA of NSW has been asked to make Angel Blankets for for stillborn babies at a Western Sydney Hospital. They are between 12"x 12" (30cm x 30cm) and up to 15"x15" (38cm x 38cm) can be sewn, knitted or crotcheted then folded like an envelope and stitched in place. They are to be in white, cream, pale green or yellow - not all pink or blue as sometimes the sex of the baby is not known. If using material unisex print is preferred.

CWA Angel Blanket CWA Angel Blanket

"Angel Blanket" flat

"Angel Blanket" flat

CWA Angel Blanket - finished  

Finished "Angel Blanket" - folded and stiched in place.



A set of small Twin Teddies can be put in each Angel blanket. The pattern for the can be downloaded from the Miracle Babies website here. Families of stillborn babies can place one teddy with the baby and keep an identical teddy.


"Knitted Knockers" pattern

The pattern for the knitted knockers. Cotton prosthetics for women with breast cancer. Please check that your local cancer centre or hospital is able to receive these before making.


Crocheted "boobs"

We've had a request for a small number of crocheted a maternity unit at for a Sydney hospital for teaching breast feeding skills. The pattern needs to be made exact to specifications and cannot be altered. Keep to neutral colours as per photo on the pattern. The pattern can be downloaded here.


Knitted "boobs"

The pattern can be downloaded here.


Emergency packs

The contents of the emergency packs are as follows:CWA Emergency Pack

  • Face washer
  • Soap
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Comb
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Small packet of tissues
  • Shower cap
  • Small hand cream/lip balm

Generally they are sample size items placed in a drawstring cloth bag.
Note: No razors due to hygiene and safety issues and disposal of the razor.


Sew for a Girl Canberra

We recently found this website and it has several different groups that require people to sew, donate and provide items for their different group projects.

The site has links to the different groups and they provide details such as patterns,items required address where to send items etc. It's important that the members adhere to the patterns and instructions provided if they decide to help these groups out.

All postage costs would need to be covered by the respective branches or members.


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