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CWA of NSW Drought Aid grants

Contact information: or 02 8337 0210.

The information provided will remain confidential. Only statistical summaries may be released. These donations are made possible due to collaboration and partnerships with organisations like Red Cross, the National Farmers Federation, Coles, Dick Smith Foods Foundation as well as public donations and fundraising from CWA of NSW groups and branches.

Assistance to help meet household expenses for drought affected families, up to a maximum of $3,000 per family/household, is available to eligible applicants. Household expenses can include grocery bills, vehicle maintenance, school, electricity, rates (up to $1000 per installment), telephone, dental and medical (gap payments or cost of travel to access treatment) etc. for expenses that are current - both paid and unpaid.

The DPI Combined Drought Indicator can be found here:

Please read the criteria here before applying.

Download a printable version of the form here or complete the form below.

Note: If you have applied for CWA of NSW funds previously and received the $3000 limit, you cannot reapply as we are still taking applications from first-time applicants.