CWA supportive of proposed independent review of Inland Rail

The Country Women’s Association (CWA) of NSW has welcomed the announcement of further details from the Federal Government pertaining to an upcoming independent review of the Inland Rail project.

“This announcement is in line with our member policy on the matter and has been a key ask of ours for some years,” said CWA of NSW association President Joy Beames.

“To be clear, we have always stated that we support this project, and we do, but what we cannot support is the way it is currently being executed. There are so many issues up and down the alignment that have been totally ignored for years, all for the sake of political expediency.

“We thank Minister Catherine King for acknowledging some of the many issues in her latest announcement. We all know we can’t keep hurtling down the wrong road in a dodgy car with no brakes and the hubcaps falling off, with absolutely no regard for those around you; and hope that at the end of it all, everyone is going to be okay and the outcome is going to be a good one. This ‘crash or crash-through’ approach may work in some arenas, but it won’t work for Inland Rail. It’s amateur, it’s reckless, and it’s an expensive and even potentially damaging exercise.

“Although well overdue, we do think this review is the responsible thing for the current federal government to commit to. It demonstrates a prudent and responsible approach to ensure that a nation-building project such as this is done correctly.

CWA of NSW also stated that they were satisfied with the terms of reference for the review, and the aimed-for timeline of early 2023 for its completion.

“This doesn’t have to be some long and drawn-out process, and it is important that it isn’t. For everyone’s sake we need certainty and we need it sooner rather than later. This review can be done in a way that encompasses broad feedback, but also looks at the extensive work that has already been done on this matter, such as the recent Senate Committee Inquiry and associated recommendations,” Joy said.

She also welcomed the appointment of Dr Kerry Schott, AO as the lead for the review.

“Dr Schott is highly credentialed and experienced in these matters.  We are confident in her ability to conduct this review fairly, independently and in a way that allows the voices of communities to be heard, so that they can put forward their solutions, and we look forward to providing feedback on behalf of rural communities in NSW,” Joy said.


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