Agricultural & Environmental

Flora and Fauna

Flora and fauna study choices for each year are made by the Agricultural & Environmental Committee. Ideas may be sent the Agricultural & Environmental Officer or the Agricultural & Environmental Committee Secretary, prior to the June meeting.

Flora and Fauna 2020: Waratah and Whale.

Flora and Fauna 2021: Possum and Pimelea.


The Agricultural & Environmental committee introduced a "Foe" in order to raise awareness of a different weed every year. In 2017, the Committee added a feral animal to raise awareness of the detrimental effects on our environment.

Foe 2020: Wild Dog.

Foe 2021: Parthenium weed.

Primary Product

Primary products for promotion are submitted to state executive at their November meeting by each group. The representatives give a two minute presentation on their group's choice. All members of executive then vote for the winning product. All products presented to the members of state executive must be concerning an industry that is having difficulties or be a boutique industry. This promotion is not a part of the Agricultural & Environmental committee arena but is driven by the group that had their product selected. Often if there are several groups who chose the same product then they will join forces to make the display at state conference happen. Usually the Branch and Group Agricultural & Environmental Officers do the local promotion as a part of their portfolio. Announced in December each year.

Primary Product 2020: Pork


Primary Product Competition for Primary School Children

For primary school students (K-6), either as an individual project or as a Group, called Where does our food come from?” with a focus on the Primary Product that will be announced in November.

Primary Product Competition entry form and information

Recycled Article Competition for CWA members

  • Article submitted is required to be at least 80% recycled material.
  • Article is to be accompanied by the coupon on page A 5-2 of this manual, and should include a detailed description of materials used.
  • Article to weigh NOT more than 5 kg.
  • When packaged, maximum size of article is to be no larger than 20 cm x 40 cm x 30 cm.
  • Applicant must be a member of CWA.
  • There is no entry fee.
  • Entries to be judged at Branch and then Group level, with ONE winning entry from each Group to be delivered to the State Conference venue where it will be judged and results announced. Details will be provided closer to Conference.
  • The Articles will be judged and results announced at the annual State Conference.
  • Articles will be judged on originality, usefulness and visual appeal.
  • The emphasis here is on recycling and helping our environment, but it is also
    about enjoying what you do, so HAVE FUN!

Recycled Article entry form

Agricultural and Environmental Seminar

The Agricultural & Environmental Committee seminar has been cancelled.